Xbox Screenshots

These are the first screenshots taken from Daedalus running on the Xbox. There is no sound at the moment, but the framerate is very high.

Super Mario 64

These are the very first screenshots taken of DaedalusXbox. Initially I was forgetting to swizzle the textures, which is why things look so odd.

Mario Party

Banjo Kazooie


Not much interesting here, but check out the fogging and the correct implementation of the blender/combiner.

MarioKart Pileup

Again, not much interesting here - I just noticed a bug in the emulator that causes all the vehicles on the track to drive in a straight line and plough into the far wall.


Still a few blender issues to sort out, but the fogging and transparency in Spiderman is working much better.



The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Check out the fogging and the correct blending of the sky colours on the title screen.


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