DCMP3: The DreamcastTM MP3 player


DISCLAIMER: STRAT76 nor any of his helping friends support any kind of Software Piracy, including MP3s.  This Player is for use with your rightfully owned MP3s.  We are not affiliated with UTOPIA in any way, and do not know where or how to get hold of a copy of the Bootdisc.



2001-03-04: New version: DCMP3 1.3

2001-01-10: I have started looking at some JPEG decoding source code. I'm planning to add a JPEG viewing feature to DCMP3. Viewing pics while listening to music...

2000-11-19: Hmm I havent done any coding in 2 months on DCMP3. Its pretty much a dead project. But I decided to do a little update. DCMP3 1.12.

I wrote some code for disc swapping and tried to swap in a another cdr using the "swap trick", but it didnt work. But it still can be useful for those of you who have the right kind of modchip. You should be able to swap in a cdr with mp3s. Although not useful, swapping in a real GDROM also works. You can view the files on a GDROM.

2000-10-09: Bootable IP.BIN here. Its a new file with new  meta info and bootcode from Echelon. Follow the instructions in Echelon selfboot tutorial, but use my IP.BIN and use the -J (joliet) option in MKISOFS when making your ISO file.

2000-09-17: New Version:
DCMP3 1.1

To update from 1.0 to 1.1 just reburn the .exe file(if your prev cdr was a multisession disc)

2000-09-07: DCMP3 site gets a facelift thanks to Aeg2K.  The MP3 Player will also be enhanced very soon!

2000-08-30: Thanks for all the positive feedback!. The first version has been out for a couple of days now and I have received so many mails that I cant answer them all. 


Burning Instructions

  1. Burn all files in the zip to cdr root + your mp3 files in a "MP3" dir. JPEGs in a "JPG" dir. Make sure you have the "use folder names" option enabled when extracting the zip. The disc should have a WINCE dir, MP3 dir, JPG dir and dcmp3.exe, 1st_read.bin, cube, ip.bin in the root.
  2. File options: Mode1, ISO level2, joliet. (I use Nero)
  3. Boot with Utopia bootdisc, then swap to DCMP3 disc.
  4. Use the pad to select song/m3u and press A

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