Credits and Contributions

    This site would not be possible if it were not for the contributions of a lot of people. Here I would like to acknowledge the individuals who helped me get the server working in the first place, and those who helped to make this site better. The first two names on the list are of special significance, because I built on their ideas and hard work to make this site. Without them the PC-Dreamcast server would never have been made. The rest of the contributions are listed in no particular order.

If you have contributed to this site and I forgot to mention you, please remind me so I can give credit where due. Thanks.

Michael K Ter Louw




Contribution / Inspiration

MichaelG - He created the guide for networking the Dreamcast to a Linux PC. This website is based on his concepts applied to Windows.
defecto - His website bridged the gap between Linux and Windows. After seeing defecto's site I knew I could get the server running.
Consolevision - Thanks to them this website has a permanent home :)
John Nehman - He figured out the reason why some Dreamcast's wouldn't connect (line voltage problem).
Michael Nolen - He designed the solution to the line voltage problem.
RVWinkle - He put up a web page with pictures of a working Line Voltage Simulator.
Red Ronin & Brian Downing - They both provided me with the port numbers that PSO uses. Red Ronin gave me a link to the official documentation of the port numbers, and B. Downing explained the (incorrect) logic behind them.
Richleo - He translated the guide into Chinese.
Nick Trifonoff - His page got me started with the Win2k side of things.