Setting the Dreamcast's ISP Settings

    Before your Dreamcast can dial into your computer, you need to configure it with special ISP settings. I'll walk you through how to set it up using the PlanetWeb Browser.

    First boot up the Dreamcast Web Browser.  When you're at the title screen, press start to get the control panel, and select 'Options'. Then select Internet Connection.


You will be presented with a three-tabbed form.  The first tab is called Basic Info, and should be configured as follows:

When you have this stuff filled in, click 'OK'. The next page, Dial Options, should be set up like this:

When done, click 'OK'.


The only thing that matters on the Proxy Setting page is to click 'No' where it says 'Use Proxy'.  Then click 'OK'. When you're returned to the main options screen, hit the save button to write the settings to the Dreamcast flash ROM.


All done.