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Similar websites

Linux PPP Server & Sega Dreamcast - The original PC-DC Server by MichaelG.

Getting Your Dreamcast Online Through Your PC's Modem - by defecto (link down)

Dreamcast meets Win2k - Nick Trifonoff

Link Your DC To Your PC - Chinese translation of my website by Richleo

The Original PC-Dreamcast Server Website - Frozen in time on one of Time Warner's servers.

Extensions to the PC-Dreamcast Server website

How to Configure WinRoute Pro in Win98 for PSO - By RadisH

Setting Up My Dreamcast to Connect to the Internet Via My PC and Building a Phone Line Simulator - by RVWinkle

Related Information

Data Modem INF File Entries - Microsoft's developer information. Good for hacking the registry.

The Hayes Command Set - Decent AT command reference.

The NAT Page - Net Address Translation information, and a comprehensive list of NAT applications.

World of Windows Networking - More information on routing and RAS configuration.

Software Links

CommView - The connection monitor software used in the example of how to configure other games.

Girder - Great Windows automation tool by Ron Bessems

Proxy+ - Nice, free web and email proxy/server.

Kerio Technologies, Inc. - The makers of the Net Address Translation software used in the examples in this guide.

Interesting Dreamcast Sites

bITmASTER's Page - IDE interface for the Dreamcast, and other hardware info.

BOOB! Dreamcast Research - Dreamcast development site.

Consolevision - Most current source of news for homebrew Dreamcast and GBA projects.

Cryptic Allusion's DCDEV - Home of KOS, an open source library/os for DC coders.

DCGrendel's Development Site - Various Dreamcast projects.

Dreamcast Programming - Marcus Comstedt's infamous website.