Project Status

    This guide is pretty comprehensive, however there are a couple of areas that are lacking. There is no guide for Windows 95 or Windows.NET Server Family, and no E-mail Server guide. For setup under Win95 or Win.NET, you should apply the principles used in the Win98/ME and Win2k Server guides, respectively. As for the E-mail Server guide, you should be able to figure it out on your own by reading the Proxy+ documentation for now.

    As of February 4, 2002, Tiny Software has transferred it's WinRoute line of products over to Kerio Technologies, Inc.. To get the server running in Windows XP Home or Professional you will need the latest version from Kerio Tech's website. Thanks quantilliator, for the update.

Progress Chart:

    - The connections via proxy listed in this table were accomplished using Proxy+ (thanks defecto).

 Operating System

HTTP via Proxy

Email via Proxy

NAT w/ Port Mapping


(browse the web)

(send/recv email)

(required for most games)

 Windows 98/ME Working Working Working
 Windows 2000 Home


Never* Never*
 Windows 2000 Professional Working Working Working
 Windows 2000 Server Family Working Working Working
 Windows XP Home Working Working Working
 Windows XP Professional Working Working Working
 Windows .NET Server Family Working Working Working

* Windows 2000 Home Edition does not support incoming connections (as far as I know). If I'm wrong, let me know.


2/6/2002 - Site updated to reflect WinRoute moving over to Kerio Technologies, Inc. The update also reflects the Windows XP support in WinRoute 4.2.
10/26/2001 - I've been playing around with Paint Shop Pro, so expect a few graphical improvements.
10/25/2001 - I found out the source of the popups. They were coming because of the URL cloaking option in the URL redirection. I did my own URL cloaking and disabled the one and bam!, no more popups :)
10/24/2001 - Moved the site to its new host,
10/22/2001 - Added TCP/IP properties for setting up Incoming Connections in XP/2000.
10/22/2001 - Changed the WinRoute Pro setup to get the right client IP address for port mapping.
10/21/2001 - Changed the order of the pages in the Win2k Server guide, so the modem isn't trying to connect while you're setting up RRAS.
10/21/2001 - Made some minor changes to the Win2k Server setup. No changes in the setup, just helpful tips to make setup easier.
10/21/2001 - Changed the Private Address for the port mappings on Windows 2000 Server. It worked before, I swear :) Well it didn't work last night until I changed it to what it's at now. If you have trouble getting it to work you might have to look at the logs.
10/19/2001 - The site is almost complete :)  Everything's working except NAT in Windows XP, which will have to wait until WinRoute 5 comes out. Proxy+ guide still needs to be done.
10/17/2001 - More work done. Windows 98/ME guide ported over.
10/16/2001 - Changed the static address pool for Win Server OSs to just two IP's.
10/16/2001 - Changed DC ISP setup: at least one digit needs to be in the Dial Up Number box.
10/16/2001 -

Complete layout change. Frames implemented for 2000/XP stuff. Win9x site still old and crusty :)

10/15/2001 - Some minor changes, and "Setting up Windows 2000/.NET Server" added.
10/14/2001 - "Tricking Windows into Answering the Line" added to Random Information section.
10/14/2001 - Windows 2000/XP guide is up.